Dear Entreprenuer,
Can we DOUBLE or even TRIPPLE your sales revenue using Digital Marketing automation strategies? This is the main goal of our Private Growth Marketing program. If you run a service, consulting or coaching business. If online marketing is important to your business. If you have tried many different marketing tactics but want more, then this is for you.

Who is this for?

Service, Coaching and Consultancy businesses who are hungry for the next level. 🦋You have read books and taken courses. 🦋You have achieved some sales but not enough volume or consistency. 🦋 Sometimes get overwhelmed up with the available options. Not sure what to focus on for maximum growth. Should you focus on social media content, ads, email, the website, vlogging, new lead magnet, freebie...etc 🦋You have tried out many things...a few worked out, many others didn't. What next?

Results we have delivered

Some of the specific results we have helped clients achieve and can do for you include but not limited to: 1. ✅ Clear path to double sales revenue. 2. ✅ 5x the results from the same ads. 3. ✅ Turning more likes into sales. 4. ✅ Uncovering additional revenue streams. 5. ✅ Building your digital marketing support team. 6. ✅ Optimizing current sales without additional workload or overheads. 7. ✅ CEO productivity optimization.

Are these results you want? Then the VIP PRIVATE CONSULTATION is for you. It is customized based on your business needs.

Here is what this offer covers.

✅ GROWTH PATH. We will help you map out the next best move to hit your sales targets. Lets make a plan for you to grow without stress or overwhelm. ✅UNCOVER NEW REVENUE STREAMS. Ever heard the saying "the eye cannot see itself"? We help most of our clients discover sources of additional revenue within their business that they are not seeing or using. Get objective fresh eyes from a professional. Our experience is from real world businesses. ✅ 10X OFFER DESIGN What is your unique 10X possibility? We will help you assess and get a customized report so that you can get paid more for what you already offer. Its an instant way to increase revenue in your business. ✅ OPTIMIZE RESULTS You are already getting results but you know that more is possible. We will brainstorm and optimize your full funnel so that it converts at maximum. Let's uncover under-utlized revenue streams within your business. ✅ STAY UNIQUE If your brand looks like someone else, its not yours. Lets put together your personal uniqueness into a brand nobody can copy. We can do this even if you don't want to show your face.


✅LET'S WRITE YOUR BOOK Want to immortilize your name, share your message, your knowledge and experience? A book is one great way to do this and even grow your business with. With this package, we will help you layout all the way to publishing. We have written more than 12books so you are in good company. ✅ WEBSITE AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE We will help you with the tech, apps and tools you need for online branding and marketing. This includes your website and other platforms you need to include in your marketing such as email marketing automation, chatbots and online stores together with local payment gateways. ✅ SOCIAL MEDIA Using our vast experience with Social Media marketing, we will sit down and create a full strategy that enables you to attract an audience and get more followers who trust you and are willing to do business with you. We will look at various aspects and build your customized kit. ✅ PAID ADS We will advise and help you setup and run your ads in order to accelerate your brand growth. ✅ COPY AUDIT We will audit and help you optimize copy in all your sales material, website, email, book, lead magnet, etc. for maximum conversion. ✅ VIRAL GROWTH We will brainstorm and create viral growth plans for your business and brand using growth Hacking tools and secrets. 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ Why work with us? 💥 Over a decade experience with growth marketing. 💥 Served clients of various sizes. 💥 Helped to build audiences to hundreds of thousands. 💥 Experts with online marketing. 💥 Experienced with Digital publishing. 💥 Simple practical strategies. 💥 Specialised. PRICING. Packages vary depending on duration and scope. RANGE: ($1,000 -$5,000)+ Sounds like something you are ready for?